Other documents

the IMCA eCMID database website, which allows vessel operators to upload additional documents that may be of interest to their clients, as part of a broader vessel assurance system. This non-mandatory features includes the following categories:

  • Annual DP trial reports
  • Failure modes and effects analyses (FMEAs)
  • DESIGN (diving equipment inspections) and
  • a catch-all ‘Other’ category.

Access to these additional documents is via the same permission system, so operators will continue to grant or assign access on a vessel- or fleet-wide basis.

As only eCMID and eMISW reports require accreditation, the distinction is made clear by an ‘AVI’ badge against those reports in the list of available documents:

AVI-produced reports are highlighted

To upload, edit or delete documents (vessel operator accounts only), navigate to My Organisation > Manage Vessels, then right-click on the vessel name and choose ‘Add Other Document’. This will lead to an upload form – please note that the original filename will be shown in the document list, so you may wish to make a copy and name it appropriately prior to uploading.

Menu options for document uploading

To download or request access to a document (all account types), navigate to Vessel Access > Current or Request access.