Carrying out an inspection

The following user guide refers to the classic eCMID Inspection Application for Windows, which was withdrawn at the end of 2020, but remains available for completion of existing inspection reports.

Preparation of the inspection report is carried out in the eCMID Application, which can be used offline if the inspection template has been downloaded and saved ahead of the inspection taking place (see ‘Prepare for a new inspection‘).

This guide sets out how to use the eCMID application. For details on the inspection process itself, see Guidance on the eCMID system.

To begin, open the eCMID application then open your saved inspection template or download the report template if you have not already done so. The main eCMID screen will then be displayed, with the following sections:

  • Inspection details
    • Operator, vessel and IMO number (or eCMID IMO-Replacement number) – these will be displayed assuming the vessel was selected at time of upload; if not, it can be linked later (see below)
    • Date of inspection – this can be edited via this main screen
    • An ‘Edit inspection details‘ button – this leads to the inspection details screen, which includes details on the vessel, operation at time of inspection, summary, washup meeting and customisations such as logos and inspection company disclaimer
    • ‘Save’ button – the application includes an auto-save feature as you move between sections, but this provides a backup option (and must be used to save a report for the first time after downloading).
  • Question groups
    • The main question groups for the selected inspection template (eCMID or eMISW) are shown, together with supplements selected by the inspector. Right-click in this area to add/remove supplements and to change the order
    • Question groups are shown in red if mandatory questions are currently unanswered, or in green if all questions have been answered or only optional questions remain. All question groups must be shown in green before the inspection report can be uploaded
    • Click on the question group title or the ‘View/Edit’ button to access each section:
  • Findings
    • This section provides a summary of those questions which have resulted in ‘findings’, where comments from the inspector are required. This provides quick access to the questions if you need to add additional information or images. Refer to the ‘Question groups’ section above for instructions on completion.
  • Action buttonsLink to Vessel/Save as PDF and Upload