Menu options

The following user guide refers to the classic eCMID Inspection Application for Windows, which was withdrawn at the end of 2020, but remains available for completion of existing inspection reports.

The eCMID Application for Windows has a simple menu system:

File menu

This menu provides quick access to functions related to the inspection report.

  • New – this is the same as ‘Get data for a new inspection‘ on the welcome screen
  • Open – this enables you to access a saved report file from your system to continue working on an inspection report. By default, these are saved in a ‘My eCMID Data’ folder within your system ‘Documents’ folder
  • Close – if you want to keep the eCMID application open but have finished with your current inspection report, select this option
  • Save – this will save the current inspection report data file to your system, to ensure your latest edits are included. This is a backup for the built-in auto-save function, so should not generally be needed.
  • Save as PDF – export a PDF file of the current inspection, which will include a watermark showing its status as in preparation, submitted for auditing or uploaded for vessel operator review. This option will be disabled if the vessel has not yet been registered on the eCMID database.
  • Get data for auditing – this is the same as the welcome screen function.
  • Download documents – this provides a quick link to access documents available on the eCMID website, such as the washup meeting template.
  • Go to the eCMID website – opens the eCMID database website in your default browser
  • Exit – closes the eCMID application (you can also use the ‘X’ button top right)

Settings menu

The settings menu has one option – Application Settings – which presents the following options:

  • User information – this is automatically drawn from your eCMID user account and includes your name, email address, company and your accreditation (AVI) details
    • If details are missing, use the ‘Update settings’ button to login and resync your account data
    • If AVI details are still missing, you will need to contact the IIMS Marine Surveying Academy, who manage accreditation data
  • Data file locations – By default, inspection data files and exported PDFs are saved to a ‘My eCMID Data’ folder within your system ‘Documents’ folder. You can change this location with the ‘Browse’ buttons in this section
  • Display welcome screen on start-up – If you have disabled the welcome screen, use this option to make it reappear when the eCMID Application for Windows is started.

Help menu

Three options are available for further support:

  • Online support – this will open the eCMID website, where you can access user guides and contact details for the helpdesk
  • Check for updates – this will connect to the eCMID server to check if a new software version is available
  • About – this will display the current software version and support information.