The following user guide refers to the classic eCMID Inspection Application for Windows, which was withdrawn at the end of 2020, but remains available for completion of existing inspection reports.

Payments are processed on the eCMID Database website, with a full guide to payments in that section.

When an inspector uploads a report (for auditing or to the vessel operator), the eCMID Application checks and prompts according to payment status.

  • If payment has already been made, the file will be uploaded and no further action will be needed
  • If payment is required, there will be two options:

There is no pre-paid credit for this vessel, so payment is required before this report can be made available. Do you want to go to the payment page at the end of the upload process?

Choose YES to make a payment via PayPal, to pay later by bank transfer or to share a payment link (a browser window will automatically open)

Choose NO to upload now …

If you choose ‘no’, one of two things will happen:

  • If you have uploaded to the vessel operator, notification will be sent to the client that payment is required before the report is made available for vessel operator review
  • If you have uploaded for auditing, the auditor will have the same choice – go to payment page or send a notification to the client.