Prepare for a new inspection

The following user guide refers to the classic eCMID Inspection Application for Windows, which was withdrawn at the end of 2020, but remains available for completion of existing inspection reports.

When an inspection has been commissioned, the inspector will need to prepare onshore, as an internet connection is required, by downloading the relevant inspection template.

Get data

  • Open the eCMID Application for Windows and select ‘Get data for a new inspection’ from the welcome screen, or choose ‘New’ on the File menu. You will need to log in if you haven’t already done so.
  • Select the vessel operator, vessel, inspection type (eCMID or eMISW) and client.
  • Select ‘Download vessel template’ – this will collect any data entered by the vessel operator (such as vessel particulars and certification) to help speed the inspection process.

If the vessel is not yet registered on the system:

  • Contact the vessel operator. If the company is registered, they should add the vessel to their account. If the company is not yet registered, ask them to register. If possible, wait for this to be completed then restart the ‘Get data for a new inspection’ process to download data entered by the operator.If you cannot wait for the vessel to be added to the eCMID database, choose the ‘Download blank template’ option. You will then be able to complete the inspection report within the application and link to the vessel later. Exporting to PDF is disabled if this option is chosen and you will need to link to the vessel before you can upload the report to the eCMID database.

AVI data and supervision

You may see a prompt headed ‘Approval to complete inspection not found’, noting that you will need to be supervised by an inspector approved to complete inspections of this type.

  • If you are accredited, you should check that your accreditation details have been entered onto the system by the IIMS Marine Surveying Academy.

  • If you are not yet accredited, the supervising AVI will need to log in to unlock the upload function. This is achieved via the ‘Edit Inspection Details‘ screen and the ‘Add Supervising Inspector Details’ button. This process must be completed in person and requires an internet connection.

Add or edit supplements

The next screen will display the supplements available for the inspection type (eCMID or eMISW). Select all supplements relevant to the vessel (e.g. if the vessel has a dynamic positioning system, you must select the DP supplement, even if the system is not currently in use, as that might change during the one-year validity period of the inspection report.

If you are not yet accredited for a supplement (or if your accreditation details have not been entered onto the system – see above), you may need to select the ‘Supervisor present’ button. The supervisor will need to log in at a later stage before the inspection report can be uploaded (or your own AVI data refreshed via the Settings menu).

If you need to change the supplements selected at a later stage, right-click in the ‘Question group’ area of the main screen and choose ‘Select Supplement Question Groups’.

Completing your preparations

You will now be presented with the main eCMID application screen, showing inspection details, question groups and findings (which at this point will be empty). You may be able to complete some of the inspection details and the date of inspection at this point, or this can wait until you commence the inspection.

Ensure you click ‘Save’ towards the top right of the main screen to save the inspection data file to your system.

  • To check that you will be able to work offline, select File > Close to close the file, then File > Open to reopen the data file.
  • If you will be undertaking the inspection with a different computer, you can copy the .ecmid or .emisw data file to that device. Ensure that both devices are running the latest version of the eCMID application.