Upload an inspection report

The following user guide refers to the classic eCMID Inspection Application for Windows, which was withdrawn at the end of 2020, but remains available for completion of existing inspection reports.

This guide sets out the requirements for uploading an eCMID or eMISW inspection report and details the upload process from the eCMID application.

Requirements for uploading

  • Only suitably accredited vessel inspectors (AVIs) can upload inspection reports:
    • The inspector must hold accreditation for the inspection type (eCMID or eMISW) and for any restricted supplements (such as dynamic positioning) included, or must be supervised by an AVI with such accreditation
    • If AVI data is not up to date in the application, it can be refreshed via the Settings menu
    • If inspector or supervisor data is not up to date in the eCMID database, you will need to contact the IIMS Marine Surveying Academy, who operate the accreditation scheme
  • All sections of the inspection report must be fully completed:
    • All question groups must be shown in green in the eCMID application’s main screen – if any are shown in red, there are one or more mandatory questions remaining unanswered and the ‘Upload’ button will be disabled
    • Certain information in the ‘Inspection details‘ section is mandatory, while other information is recommended. You will be prompted if any of these parts are blank after clicking the ‘Upload’ button and given the opportunity to return to the main screen and complete them.

Uploading process

Once the report is ready for uploading, click the ‘Upload’ button in the lower right corner of the eCMID application’s main screen. Prompts will guide you through the process – ensure you read them carefully, as you may not be able to go backwards in the process. Select the links below for a more detailed explanation.

  • Payment – the application will check if pre-payment has been made for the inspection. If it has, the process will continue; if not, you will be given two options:
    • Yes – pay now, download a pro forma invoice or access a sharing link to pass on to your accounts department, client or other third-party
    • No – if you are not responsible for payment (either the client will be paying or you are uploading for auditing and the auditor will determine payment options), select this option. 
  • Auditing – you must now identify whether the report is to go for auditing by your inspection company (which may require prior setup) or if it is ready for vessel operator review.