A range of guides to using the eCMID system are available – select the relevant heading for more details.

eCMID Database website

The eCMID Database website is available to all users and covers the following functions:

  • New company and user registration
  • Access to inspection reports
  • Vessel management and review of uploaded reports by operators

eCMID Inspection App

The eCMID Inspection App is available to inspectors using a modern web browser.  It is used to download the vessel-specific eCMID or eMISW inspection template, to complete the inspection report and to upload into the database.

Our classic eCMID Inspection Application for Windows is to be withdrawn at the end of 2020, but remains supported and available at present.

Inspector accreditation

eCMID and eMISW inspection reports can only be uploaded by accredited vessel inspectors (AVIs).  This section provides brief details on the accreditation system and on ensuring your AVI data is current in the eCMID system.