Add or edit a vessel

Add a vessel – To add a vessel to the eCMID system, your company account type must be ‘vessel operator’ and you must be an ‘administrator’ user.  Then, simply follow these steps to add a vessel:

  • Log in to your account
  • In the top menu, pick ‘My Organisation’
  • In the left menu, pick ‘Manage Vessels’
  • Right-click on your company name at the top of the vessel tree and select ‘Add Vessel’

Edit vessel details – To edit an existing vessel, right-click or tap-and-hold on the vessel name/icon and select ‘Edit Vessel Particulars’, then update details as set out below.

Add a vessel from the vessel tree
Add a vessel from the vessel tree
  • Enter the mandatory information – name, IMO number, vessel type, contact, date and inspection type(s)
    • If your vessel does not have an IMO number, contact the helpdesk for a substitute reference
    • If you need to add a contact, go to My Organisation (top menu) > Manage Users (left menu)
    • Tick ‘Show on web’ so that the inspector can access the inspection template
    • Click ‘Save & Continue’ to add the vessel
Edit vessel particulars – step 1 (mandatory)
  • Enter additional vessel particulars on the next page
    • These are optional, but if they are in the system when the inspector downloads the vessel template, it can free up time during the inspection from looking for those details
    • If you don’t want to add these details now, simply click ‘Cancel’ or close your browser.